Gas cartridge - the basic equipment of any camper

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The approaching holidays are a good opportunity to review your camping equipment. By restocking your supplies early enough, you reduce the risk of leaving without the most important pieces of equipment. Such as a gas cartridge.

Choosing a campsite is an increasingly popular decision when browsing travel agencies' offers before the summer holidays. Low prices, independence and easier compliance with sanitary restrictions make camping trips increasingly popular.

However, when deciding on this kind of rest, it is worth preparing properly. Ignorance of the basic rules of camping can negatively affect the comfort of the entire trip. So what is worth remembering?


The challenges of camping

Preparation of meals

The main difference between holidays in a hotel and those in a tent is the ease of preparing meals. In the former option, this is limited to just visiting the hotel restaurant at a certain time.

In the case of camping, a camping stove and a gas cartridge, among other items, are indispensable for preparing a wholesome meal. It's also worth getting a portable set of cutlery and pots. The ones you use at home may not be suitable due to their size.


Unlimited access to light is just as important as being able to cook freely. Otherwise the camping fun ends when the sun goes down. So how do you take care of the lighting? The most convenient way is to use a plug-in light or one with rechargeable batteries. But what if the campsite doesn't provideelectricity at every spot? Then use a gas-powered lamp. Its glow and efficiency will allow you to relax freely after dark throughout your trip.

Keeping warm

Despite the high temperatures that prevail during the day, it's a good idea to spend the evening in the company of a heat source. Having fun by the fireplace is a great idea for bonding with other campers while keeping your sunburned body warm.

However, if you decide to spend an evening with your loved ones, it is worth taking care of an independent heat source.

Cartridge remedy

The challenges of camping are many. Many more than on a traditional holiday. But the accompanyingsatisfaction rewards every effort. Provided it has been successful, of course, which is only possible if your equipment includes the basics. Such as the TS700 Gas Cartridge, which can be used in many emergencies or in completely ordinary situations.

Camping stove

You've learned about the challenges campers face, so it's time to learn how to meet them. Preparing hot meals is an absolute necessity during a tent camping holiday. And it is only possible if you have a portable gas stove with you. Its convenient design allows you to cook your favourite food comfortably. However, it's only useful if you take along a TS700 Gas Cartridge to provide a source of fire.


When renting a camping spot without access to electricity, it is worth thinking in advance about an alternative heat source. A portable heater which may be operated with agas cartridge is a good idea. Its lightweight and portable design makes it easy to transport. And thanks to the gas supply, you can be sure that the heater will perform its functions under all conditions.

Gas lamp

A stove or heater are not the only uses for gas cartridges. They work equally well as fuel for a gas lamp. As with heaters, a traditional lamp can be difficult to operate without access to electricity. By choosing a gas cartridge powered version, you gain the complete independence that every camping enthusiast values.

Barbecue Grill

Barbecues are an essential part of evening gatherings with friends. The campsite is no different. Meals prepared on a BBQ grill are characterised by a unique flavour which you can only experience in summer. However, under camping circumstances, it's worth thinking differently and replacing the traditional charcoal barbecue with a friendlier one powered by a gas cartridge.


When preparing for holiday adventures, it is worth equipping yourself with tools which will make it easier to carry out activities typical of camping. A burner powered by a gas cartridge is the perfect support for making a campfire. The condensed, high-temperature flame makes it possible to light an impressive campfire in just a few minutes. In addition, the burner can prove itself in the hands of a cooking enthusiast, who skilfully uses it to prepare dishes worthy of the best restaurants. Evenunder field conditions.

Safety comes first

The benefits of the cartridge are many. So are its applications. However, they can only be achieved if they are used safely. Remember to transport the cartridge properly protected to avoid impacts.

If it is cold outside, the contents of the cartridge may freeze. In this case, warm the can in your hands before use - this will restore the original condition of the contents.



A gas cartridge is a piece of equipment that is always worth having with you. The multitude of applications makes it one of the most useful camping items. However, before using it, it is essential to read the manufacturer's recommendations - only skilful use of the cartridge will provide a range of benefits which will make your tent camping holidays more enjoyable.

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