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Patelnia grillowa do kuchenki turystycznej – jaką wybrać?

Going tent camping offers a number of otherwise unavailable advantages and only a few challenges. One of them - preparing healthy, tasty meals - has just become history. Thanks to the grill pan for camping stoves.

The gas camping stove has revolutionised camping. Its compact design and light weight have made it an essential piece of equipment for almost every outdoor enthusiast. However, it is easiest to discover the advantages of a camping stovewhen using dedicated cooking equipment. A new offer has just appeared in this category.

A grill pan, just like an ordinary pan, makes it possible to prepare the most varied dishes. Regardless of whether it is used by a professional chef in a professional kitchen or lands in the hands of an amateur during a weekend trip out of town. Its unique design is appreciated by everyone.

However, what really sets a grill pan apart is the way it cooks the food. The non-standard designwith characteristic grooves, differing it from the flat bottom known from traditional pans, makes it possible to prepare healthy and low-calorie meals in no time. Without the need to use modern equipment dedicated to professional kitchens.


Traditional or grill pan?

The primary task of any pan is to process fried ingredients. The better the pan, the easier it is to bring out the depth of flavour from high-quality meat, seafood and vegetables.

However, the grill pan is distinguished by its characteristic design, which makes it possible even for amateur cooks toobtain professional results. Unlike the flat bottom of a traditional frying pan, the grill model allows excess fat to drain off thanks to special grooves. In this way, it is possible to prepare dream dishes without the addition of oil or olive oil, keeping the calorie content of the dishes low.

In addition, the grill pan has a thicker base, so the whole thing heats up better, giving more heat to the ingredients and bringing out the best flavours.


Grill pan or traditional barbecue?

Fans of weekend barbecues don't need being convinced about the exceptional taste of food cooked this way. But can you give them a more pleasant alternative? Definitely. Both meat and seafood have almost the same heat treatment. Properly grilled products are juicy, full of flavour and aroma.

So what is the advantage of a grill pan? First and foremost, it's that you don't have to transport the barbecue to your final camping spot. This is particularly important in situations where the barbecue has already been in use earlier and transporting it as it is proves basically impossible. Furthermore, lighting the coals is a process that takes at least several minutes, during which the preparation of meals on the grill pan would already be tastefully finished.


A palette of possibilities

Thanks to its unique design, the grill pan allows you to prepare the most demanding dishes worthy of real chefs. What can be included?



The grill pan was actually made for grilling meat. It works equally well with red and white meats. The characteristic grooves drain off excess fat, bringing out the full bouquet of flavour while keeping the juicy texture of the meat undried.



A delicacy that is gaining in popularity, whether for a Saturday barbecue or a Sunday dinner, is seafood. Its preparation seems to be only seemingly complicated. If you have a grill pan, all you need to do is drizzle some olive oil on the surface, add the desired toppings and fry the seafood. Resultsinspired by Mediterranean cuisine are guaranteed.




A grilled dish is only complete when grilled vegetables are served alongside the meat. They are also a great dinner idea for vegetarians, and cooking them remains as easy as using a traditional frying pan. However, thanks to the fat-draining design, the grilled vegetables are full of flavour, undisturbed by excess oil or olive oil.


The TS270 grill pan

When looking for the right grill pan for weekend getaways, the TS270 grill pan is worth a look. Its design of hardened aluminium with Quadruple 4-layer marble coating is perfect for grilling meat, seafood or vegetables without the risk of burning.



The characteristic grooves drain excess fat, allowing it to be disposed of conveniently and safely, thus keeping the food low in calories. Two handy handles on the sides guarantee safe cooking even in less favourable conditions. Thanks to the 4 special supports placed under the pan, the device remains stable on any type of stove, especially on the TIROSS TS264 and TS265 camping stoves.



A grill pan is an increasingly common piece of equipment for campers. Thanks to its compact and modern design, it can successfully replace traditional barbecues, guaranteeing healthy and delicious dishes even during holiday trips out of town.


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